Over the hump!

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That's the expression apparently when you're over half way through! I hope I'm over the hump in every sense.

I came back on Tuesday after a day off and numbers fell through the floor. Tuesday, two and a half hours flyering and 250 flyers given out - just had three people came (although very lovely and generous),

Wednesday - 150 flyers later (yes I'm counting) ..no-one at all - a completely empty house! You do try and ride it out, but it hit me harder than I thought it would. To be honest maybe I was just being a bit too intense, working too hard at it. I was exhausted and my voice was also suffering. Had a bit (yeah right - a bit!) of a cry on the phone call home, got a pep talk and felt better. Thursday, I pulled it together, calmed down, went to a show in the morning, had an idea for a new song, went to the museum of art, went back out and did an hour and a halfs flyering and promptly had a room of 30 really lovely people, really in it and every line landed - oh and a really fantastic bucket as well! I also did a spot in the evening at the Musical Comedy showcase which was lovely as well. OK hopefully lessoned learned. Pace yourself and ride it out, you just can't control everything.

It's a strange experience being here. Everyday is long, and each one feels like a microcosm and takes on great importance in a way it doesn't in the 'real' world. It also feels like everyday you start from scratch again, a new sea of people, and no idea if my efforts at bringing in an audience have been successful until 5 minutes before the show starts. I think it's like this for most people at the grass roots of things, not all it's true but a lot. Managing that stress is a real challenge!

Anyway am sitting at Fringe Central, having just had a lovely conversation with a really warm and interesting lady called Carole who is a producer and is involved in the Prague festival. She wants to come and see the show on Sunday - and left saying see you Sunday - hopefully she does - hopefully they'll be a crowd - who knows!

Later guys! xxx
Janis Haves - Over the hump