Edinburgh Fringe Begins!

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Had an leisurely drive up over a few days then found our first place to park up the camper. Being the practiced drama queen I am I suddenly got very stressed about the idea of parking on the street with no power (OK 12V lights) no fridge and no...amenities (erm!) being able to flyer and the first show on Saturday 4th. Not feeling great, should do more instagram then I make it could look like it was all amazing, but I don't and it's looking gritty from here.

First show went pretty well, all went without a hitch although started the day with a migrane (sigh) not a bad one just enough to make me feel crap and unable to think straight. We struggled in on the bus with guitar, standup banner, a ton of flyers, make up and clothes. Really didn't know if I could handle flyering, felt quite sick at the idea. Anyway, kicked myself up the proverbial arse, took a big deep breathe and got to it and amazingly managed to pull about 15 people (including Max and Carol comedy course friends)
Got £36 in the bucket - drama over, no-one died, including me phew!

#firstworldproblems #getoveryourself #luckytobehere