Over the hump!

That’s the expression apparently when you’re over half way through! I hope I’m over the hump in every sense. I came back on Tuesday after a day off and numbers fell through the floor. Tuesday, two and a half hours flyering and 250 flyers given out – just had three people came (although very lovely and generous), Wednesday – 150 flyers later (yes I’m counting) ..no-one at all – a completely empty house! You do try and ride it out, … Read More

Four shows down

Am really loving doing the shows, such a joy to be performing every day. Numbers are up and down, but I’m told that’s par for the course. Shows 1 and 2 pulled in 15 people, show 3 pulled in about 20 people but yesterday show 4 only 7 people. They were lovely though (and generous 🙂 so it was a great show nontheless. Good news is that the bucket is doing well and my percentage per person has increased with … Read More

Going Home

How can a three year period in a place feel like home? Today (venue closed on Mondays) We (Geoff and I)_made a trip back to East Kilbride where I lived three years between the ages of 6 and 9yrs. Family wise it was a very difficult time. My one sanctury was the fact our house 27 Glen Devon (gotta love a rhyming address) backed (or fronted) onto the wonderful Calder Glen. In those days it was a completely wild wonderland, … Read More

Edinburgh Fringe Begins!

Had an leisurely drive up over a few days then found our first place to park up the camper. Being the practiced drama queen I am I suddenly got very stressed about the idea of parking on the street with no power (OK 12V lights) no fridge and no…amenities (erm!) being able to flyer and the first show on Saturday 4th. Not feeling great, should do more instagram then I make it could look like it was all amazing, but … Read More