Four shows down

Am really loving doing the shows, such a joy to be performing every day.

Numbers are up and down, but I'm told that's par for the course.

Shows 1 and 2 pulled in 15 people, show 3 pulled in about 20 people but yesterday show 4 only 7 people. They were lovely though (and generous 🙂 so it was a great show nontheless. Good news is that the bucket is doing well and my percentage per person has increased with every show (so far anyway). Flyering is pretty hard work and probably the toughest part, but if you don't do the 'hard yards' it really shows. Yesterday there was a rain shower right in the middle of my flyering time so that didn't help, p[robably accounted for the lower numbers. Gonna go out for longer today and do two hours before the show.

Going back to the camper at night now Geoff has gone home was tougher than I thought. Seemed very cold and silent and of course being a clutz I hadn't properly charged phone or laptop so couldn't watch anything or play music, will try not tomake that mistake again. Thank god for the kindle at least. Didn't sleep well either, but I guess I'll get used to it soon enough.

Tomorrow is the start of a three day run of doing 2 shows a day - so that will be a bit of a challenge to be sure. Onward ho!

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